Who we are

J9 Automotive

My name is Jack, I am a mechanic based in Leeds and the owner of J9 Automotive. With 9 years experience in the automotive industry, I have gained extensive knowledge and training into both light and heavy vehicle repairs and maintenance. My skills in diagnostics, MOTs and servicing in both a garage and as a mobile mechanic, made my next challenge into vehicle remapping a no-brainer!

Over the years, I have come across remapping companies who basically just offer an individual to plug in your car. These individuals retrieve some codes sent from your vehicles engine computer, make huge changes that they don't completely understand and then leave once the jobs done. At J9 Automotive, you are receiving a knowledgeable service in comparison to the concept of lots of remapping companies. I have had the training to help you understand the process of remapping a car, how it can improve your vehicles performance, and create a remap plan for your vehicle.