ECU Remapping

J9 Automotive is proud to offer a full mobile ECU remap service including stage 1, 2 and 3 remapping. Using only genuine Alientech hardware and software to get the hidden power and economy from your vehicle.


Here at J9 Automotive, the most popular things we offer are a variety of diagnostic services should your vehicle be suffering DPF issues, engine management lights, ABS lights, airbag lights and much more.

And Much More

  • DPF/FAP: delete
  • DPF Regeneration Service 
  • EGR: delete (clean & replace) 
  • Lambda/O2 sensor: Removal
  • Speed limiter: Enabling/Removal
  • RPM limiter
  • OBD DTC fault code reading/removal
  • Launch control: Enabling
  • Adblue: Removal Or Reduction
  • Popcorn limiters
  • Crackle Bang
  • P-Code elimination
  • ECU Immobiliser removal